This website has been gone offline and online a few times in the last couple of week. That’s because it was hacked by some idiots that thought it would be fun to hack websites.

They probably did it by script, so a personal massage would be useless, but anyway: Stop hacking our site you stupid fucks!!


Eclipse and why I hate it

At work I use Eclipse for development on an Android platform. If you are an android developer you may ask why I hate Eclipse. Well, lets first start with the key shortcuts. Those are horrible. And I mean really horrible if you are used to windows-default-shortcuts. But good for me they implemented a key-change-thingy so I can change the shortcuts to what ever I want. I did that and that worked fairly well until today. So what did happen?

We use perforce as a version system, so I also installed perforce plugin for Eclipse which sometimes deleted my code. Why? I don’t know. So to fix the problem I simple removed perforce plugin from Eclipse. Problem solved! Well, that’s what I thought. But what actually Eclipse takes revenge by deleting my key shortcuts that I set so it’s more Windows-like. FUCK YOU!! Good thing someone made a key scheme of VS6 shortcut keys I could import…

Next E-fucking-clipse also doesn’t seem to understand that you can change files outside the editor. You have to refresh manually. Why? just ask me if I want to load the newer version like any normal program would do!

Open Suse 11.2 password annoyance

Long time no blog, so here it goes. This has nothing to do with games.

I was installing Open Suse 11.2 and as expected I needed to enter a password. So I enter a simple to remind password as it’s just a virtual machine image that I’m not planning to use for a long period of time. So the password is “1234”. Now the trouble starts. The first question:
– Your password is to short, really use this password? – YES
Second question:
– your password contains only didigts, this is not safe. you really want to use this password. – YES
Third question:
– Your password is shorter that 5 characters, you really want to use this shorter password- YES (GOD DAMNED)!

3 question if I’m really really really sure that I have entered a password that fits my needs. And I entered it twice! One question should be enough I would think.

Photoshop CS4 and alpha channel in targa: FAIL

I was trying to create a nice looking image with alpha and stuff. When I tried to save it as TGA Photoshop says it has no alpha channel. Well, I used Photoshop 7 before and that one simply saves the alpha channel the way it should be saved and doesn’t need any stupid operation to correct this issue. Why is it so hard to just save the alpha channel directly to an alpha channel? It could be done before, so why not now?

Anyway, saving an alpha channel in a Targa goes as follows:

Right click your layer thumb, click “select pixels”. Now with all pixels selected click in the “Select” menu on “Save Selection” and save it as alpha channel.  Then make sure “Alpha channels” is checked when saving your Targa. All done…