Industry Beach

No waving palm trees or white sands, but rough industry and large factories on the shores: Industry Beach. This is where you don’t want to beĀ  unless you want to race!

Sturmwalze WIP

This car is named ‘Sturmwalze’. Reason is: it’s fast and is has 3 huge tires in the back. It drives fast, but is hard to handle. (Yeah I love physics!!)

The texture still needs some work.

Update: Added WIP texture.

Blastback WIP

A new vehicle has born: the Blastback. I created this model a few weeks ago, but today I finished the interior. Its still kinda crap and not finished yet, but I still want to show it off.

Triangle count: 8.000


Another day, another showoff. This time: reflections. As these reflections are faked, the still look pretty nice. The technique used is sphere mapping with final texture that I render within every render pass.

Ps.: The numbers in the top is not the frame-counter!

Race game graphics showoff

Here are some screenshots of how the game looks with lights and post effects at the moment. Still no other scenery than the track and cars.

Spline race track

Another showoff for my spline-based race track. This track was generated using 5 points and 50 intervals for the model. The second shows a bug that looks quite strange but cool.

Effect showoff

A few new screen shots. These include deferred shading, bleach post effect, in-car view and a shader fuckup that makes the wheels look like cubes.

Cartoonish car

As I was playing with some car physics from Newton Game Dynamics and changing some shaders, I thought I give it a shot and add some cartoon shaders over my scene. Well, here’s the result! And I added some pictures of the car that I rendered in 3D max.