.S.C.A.G. in Dev.Mag

I found the old Dev.Mag again where we wrote a article for on the making of .S.C.A.G.. Well, what can I say? We made it to the cover with a 4 page covering article of jibber jabber!

The article covers pretty much the design. Also some nice development shots of the editor are included.

I couldn’t find the download link to the mag so I put the screenshots here in my site.

*Images are taken from Dev.Mag issue 14. If you’re looking for Dev.Mag, please take a look at http://www.devmag.org.za/.

My first solo flight

Yesterday I again had a flying lesson in a Cessna 150. With almost clear skies the weather was excellent. After flying to Eindhoven and making some touch and go’s, the instructor asked me if I wanted to fly alone. So I did. It was first solo flight, so it’s kinda strange when the instructor just get out and you have to do everything by yourself.

After 2 nice landings, the instructor came to me put a tie around my neck and cuts it of as part of the ritual. The part cut off now hangs in the restaurant at the airport.

3D Paint, a movie

As I explained in my previous post, I was working on some 3D paint program in my 3D Game Editor. With some tweaks I can change the color and render a wire frame directly onto my models. I created a movie that shows off my crappy paint skills on a 3D model of an F22 Raptor aircraft.