NecroSPACE 2 intro movie

Today I uploaded the intro movie of NecroSPACE 2 to YouTube. Here you find an preview! It’s an old movie, but I still does the trick :). I wanted the the space ships to shoot each other, but the lack my 3D Studio Max knowledge back then failed me to create it.

Blueprint editor

Blueprint editorThe Blueprint editor, well maybe not the right name, but it’ll do for now.

What is the “blueprint” editor? It’s a simple editor that allows to create triangles meshes in 2D and extrude them (in the future) to a full 3D mesh or feed it to some procedural functions to create a more complex mesh.

This way it’s fairly easy to create a simple 3D model for complex usages. For example, you could extrude a 2D model over a spline and create some organic-shaped forms. At least, that’s what the idea is. So far the 2D stuff works, the splines also work, but it still needs some work before I will post screen shot.

Effect showoff

A few new screen shots. These include deferred shading, bleach post effect, in-car view and a shader fuckup that makes the wheels look like cubes.