Open Suse 11.2 password annoyance

Long time no blog, so here it goes. This has nothing to do with games.

I was installing Open Suse 11.2 and as expected I needed to enter a password. So I enter a simple to remind password as it’s just a virtual machine image that I’m not planning to use for a long period of time. So the password is “1234”. Now the trouble starts. The first question:
– Your password is to short, really use this password? – YES
Second question:
– your password contains only didigts, this is not safe. you really want to use this password. – YES
Third question:
– Your password is shorter that 5 characters, you really want to use this shorter password- YES (GOD DAMNED)!

3 question if I’m really really really sure that I have entered a password that fits my needs. And I entered it twice! One question should be enough I would think.

3rd place in the Arcade PGD compo

A while ago we participated in the PGD compo “Arcadia”. After a long wait with an extended deadline finally we have the results.  And guess what: we are 3rd out of 4. Actually we hoped on something better because we put a lot of effort in this game.

Why we came in 3rd: you can all read it here.

The main reason is that we are 3rd, is that our entry suffered from input lag  due to the high system requirements. With this we really  missed some points.

You can see the results here at the Pascal Game Development website.