Tool migration


Stripes flow in Genetica

After a few chats with Jens we decided to migrate from Photoshop to for 2D art. Why? is not so f*cking complicated and expensive as Photoshop.

Also a new thing that we are doing is learning how to make textures using Genetica. We won the basic version in the previous compo, and now we trying to figure out how it works. I must say it’s simply brilliant! Just with a few random mouse-clicks and we managed to create a pretty neat looking seamless texture that we can directly use in our games!

We still have the most basic version of the program but it proves to be very powerful and not so time consuming as Photoshop. Also an other thing is that textures are generated by combining noise, color and other kind of thingies. This makes that if we want to change for example a pattern that we simply change the pattern “building block” to fit our new needs. The texture is automatically updated and seamless!

Seamless texture

Seamless texture created with Genetica, copyright 2010 NecroSOFT

The basic version does not have support for normal maps, but we can use (or make) an plugin that suit our needs.

Also texture synthesis is available. We didn’t check that one out, but you can make a seamless texture from any photo or image. Can be very powerful also for game designers like us :).


Long time no update doesn’t mean we stalled work. We just don’t made any “visual progress”. yet. What kept us busy then?

Well here’s a short list:

  • Multi-threading
    • physics and update functions are run simultaneously.
    • (Still thinking on running update/physics simultaneously with the rendering).
  • Physics
    • (modified version of JigLibX for the ones who are curious).
  • Hierarchical model definition (we just call it model-files)
    • This means we have a file that defines how a 3D model looks like and behaves.
  • Particle engine
    • It works and can be defined in the model-file.

Next phase is “The Game”… what game? Well… we speculated a lot at this point but we don’t want to reveal anything at this time. It could be that we suddenly change our perspective to make something completely different.