Wings of Thunder – screen dumps

Well another day another enemy and finally the shoot back at you with blue goo… I’m thinking of making the big ship some kind of rocket launch ship. Now it also shoots the blue animated goo.

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Wings of Thunder – beter graphics

Yes, it’s still a side scoller, but it doesn’t hurt to have some fun 🙂

Wings of Thunder

Well it’s a long time we showed some Wings of Thunder physics gameplay. This time we added a working menu, working shop system and some other small thingies like rockets and enabled deferred shading. Every rocket has it’s own light.

To show off the progress we added a couple of screenies and a small but dark gameplay movie. Have fun!

cvs Zocor

Uber Zombie 2

Due to some free days I started working on Uber Zombie 2. This idea is something we had from the success of Uber Zombie 1. we had lot of ideas like more zombies, more player models, more weapons like gradates and a shotgun n stuff, a decent menu like you guys are used to from .S.C.A.G. or NecroSPACE. Yes, FUR lacked a nice menu interface and so did Uber Schraal. Because of that we started working on a decent menu for Uber Zombie 2. Something that would attract the users attention.

So first the menu. It’s no rocket science but still very important as it get the users first impression on the game. It can be controlled by the mouse and keyboard at the same time, something that Uber Zombie 1 menu could not. The menu features some extra’s like level selection, player selection, achievements and at the end of each level a short list of who killed the most zombies.

Game play wise Uber Zombie 2 is not that different from Uber Zombie 1. Kill all zombies, go to the next level, kill all zombies and so on with a maximum of 4 players at the same computer. The extras are that it will feature more zombies and more weapons and planned to create some levels that you must play with 2 or more players. Those levels are of course not available in single player.

Graphics-wise it’s also the same as Uber Zombie 1. Lots of white glowing zombies, colored players, and lots of red “blood” and guts if you shoot the zombies!

Here are some in-game and menu screen shots!! Please give us some feedback if we can improve the menu and/or game!

Note: most of the graphics are placeholders and will be replaced!

Retrospective 2010

We admit it, we failed to release a game for 2010. But did create one? What did we do? At least we did something! We developed a new engine, migrating from Delphi to C#. I cannot say it opened up a whole new world, but under the hood it sure has a lots of improvements. And if you think we invented the wheel again… it’s true…
The engine is not fully finished. We still miss the joystick input engine and sound engine. Those are not that hard to fix, but it takes some time.

Also in the background we developed some other stuff like a procedural city generator where you can actually drive a car through. The new marching cubes terrain generator allows us to make a more different terrain than just a simple height map approach. Besides that a lot more was done which we did not blog about like basic aircraft physics and AI for a full-3D-over-the-top-kill-some-aliens-arcade-flight-simulator-game idea we have for a few years now… But due to the lack of time and artists we put it on-hold for now.

So… what did we do on game development besides a brand new game engine and some unfinished try-outs?

First of all we already announced Wings of Thunder. This game is still slowly under heavy development. Creating the editor, engine and benchmark needs stalled game play programming a bit.
Parallel we also started to develop Uber Zombie 2. I will make a news post on Uber Zombie 2 soon showing of some game play, menu and achievements.
Uber Zombie 2 and Wings of Thunder both are planned for release in 2011!

Maybe for you it was a year of sadness and disappointment because you could not play the newest NecroSOFT games, but for us it was a year of pure fun, sweat and tears to get the new engine up and running and try out some new stuff!!