As everyone uses the Sponza model you can freely download from Crytek’s website (CryENGINE -> CryENGINE 3 -> Downloads) for testing radiosity and SSAO we cannot leave behind and have to follow this CG development “rule”. First (and still some do) everybody used the Utah teapot, but other not-so-successful models have been introduced over time.

But anyway, we use it to test our obj-world-loader that is unable to load quads (fuck quads, triangles for the win!!). So converting it to a triangle mesh was the first thing to do. Next we needed to detect and load the material (*.mtl) file next to the .obj file. Not that hard, but it needs some work! After loading the material definition file it’s time to load the corresponding textures and render everything trough the deferred rendering pipeline.

The model has roughly 250.000 triangles and runs fine on me pc with 4 lights (nVidia 8800 GTS 512).

What about radiosity? and SSAO? god rays? Well, maybe in the future…