Debug web server (part 3) – flying all lose!

I finally moved the whole web server from the engine to the editor plugin and added a screenshot function. This enables a “live” image stream where the 3D engine back buffer is captured and send over to the web client as PNG image. It’s not real time, but it works pretty well. As seen on the screenshot here I had my engine running Uber Zombie 2 (still work in progress) with a screenshot shown in the browser.


This also gave me the idea of some new options: web-based editor. Currently it’s a feature we will probably never use, but still a nice-to-have. Think of just clicking the screenshot and have the event executed in the 3D engine.


Also I managed to make some simple styles like coloring the links to something beter than blue and purple. Here is a screenie of the log which shows it better. The (link) behind the Get File is click-able and makes the engine sent the file over the browser. Maybe in the future it would be need to have a small (text) editor to edit text files… But as for now I’m only working locally I can access all files via explorer.

Debug web server (part 2)

Was there a part 1? YES! The web server was working, but now I made some changes so it can be pretty useful.

First I added some extra data and colors to the actor detail view, changed and added a filter option to the scene list. This list shows all actors in the current active scene. Furthermore I added a page to view most of the loaded assets (resources) and a page the take a peek at the log… can be pretty useful sometimes :).

I also managed to unroll lists. I do not yet feature a collapse button or something. Next I also manged to catch exceptions. If there are some fields that are pointing to the NULL value it will just show the exception text.

There is still some work to but for now I can manage. I still have the debugger running on in the background :). Also it would be nice to see materials and textures directly in the webpage… (possibilities are endless!)

Anyway here are the screens captured in FireFox.