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This evening I had a chat with Mad Woody (coder/designer for some games including .S.C.A.G. and Uber Zombie) about mirroring .S.C.A.G. because his website broke down. While searching for .S.C.A.G. on the intertubes (I mean, the biggest mirror of them all is the internet) I stumbled upon this website:

After some research (10 seconds of Google) I figured it’s from Brazil or some kind of country that are hosting the demo of S.C.A.G. and version 1.0 of Uber Zombie… So they found 2 of our games and are serving those. Actually I would prefer that they linked to this site so we would have 1 download counter per game. I hope those people who downloaded those games enjoyed them as we never received any comments or feedback (plz do so if you like/dislike our games, we appreciate it! – for your convenience you may use our contact form, on which we occasionally receive some messages).

Apparently they host more games then just our games, and they have download counters too!! Why download counters? Well, the more download, the more people like our games… And that is why we make games, to entertain gamers! (And f course for fun). Anyway , .S.C.A.G. was downloaded 17.747 times, which is a lot in our terms, Uber Zombie only 3.773 times (see screenshot). On this site you may not see the download counters, but believe me, they are here!

A short list from our counters (unsorted):

Scag – 73 downloads
Insanity – 14 downloads
NecroSPACE 2 – 97 downloads
NecroSPACE 2 patchv 1.1 – 116 downloads
Uber Chess – 38 downloads
Uber Fighter – 53 downloads
Uber Schraal – 37 downloads
Uber Zombie – 134 downloads
FURĀ  – 350 downloads



Both sites are still linking to our very old site that is doesn’t exist anymore, but fap it into google and she knows the directions!

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