Photoshop CS4 and alpha channel in targa: FAIL

I was trying to create a nice looking image with alpha and stuff. When I tried to save it as TGA Photoshop says it has no alpha channel. Well, I used Photoshop 7 before and that one simply saves the alpha channel the way it should be saved and doesn’t need any stupid operation to correct this issue. Why is it so hard to just save the alpha channel directly to an alpha channel? It could be done before, so why not now?

Anyway, saving an alpha channel in a Targa goes as follows:

Right click your layer thumb, click “select pixels”. Now with all pixels selected click in the “Select” menu on “Save Selection” and save it as alpha channel.  Then make sure “Alpha channels” is checked when saving your Targa. All done…

2 thoughts on “Photoshop CS4 and alpha channel in targa: FAIL

  1. I dont know you.

    You dont know me.

    but this little tip has saved my life. Holy good cow, thank the heavens for people like you!

    – an irish dude.

  2. thanks this helped

    Photoshop really sucks with transparencies and files using transparencies. Man, i feel like a handicapped blind person using photoshop when it comes to transparencies…

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