Race game

For the PGD Annual our team agreed to create a “state of the art” arcade race game that features stuns like loops, corkscrews and jumps.

About the game

This is a race game that is all about a high speed adrenaline rush. 3 (4 if time would let us) different vehicles to choose from and 3 tracks to race on. Each track has a difficulty rating that is either easy, medium or hard. It can be played in single player mode as well as multi player.


To try and get all this adrenaline flowing Hell Tech Game Engine is used in combination Newton Game Dynamic for physics. The tracks are predefined points with spline lines between them extruded to create nice curves, so the car would drive smooth. Also we try to have some network multi player up to 8 or 16 players.


We created a Game Design Document which briefly describes that we make a race game.

The progress so far: we have the engine and the physics in place. These still need a lot of tuning to do on the car as it can drive, but it constantly fly out of the curves, dramatically rolls over and finally comes to a full stop on its roof. And this all with no sound!

This leads us to a quite a big to do list. Tune the physics, create all the game logic, AI, make levels (tracks), textures, models, sound, music, menu… Well, everything except the engine and the physics.

2 thoughts on “Race game

  1. Ah return of the Race Game idea. Well you have a another crack at it this competition… Give it hell. 😉

  2. Yeah well, I always had the idea but never worked out. So now with some time pressure I hope it will finally come to an end!

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