Future plans

As we made a nice game for the competition we also have some future plans for FUR. First thing is that we want FUR to be BIG. This means:
– More cars
– More tracks in different settings
– 1 or 2  extra game modes
– Last but not least: Multiplayer!!

We already did some work to make it BIG! Last week I started to rewrite the GUI system to be more dynamic. It features very basic scripting engine. Also it might be useful for other games we release in the future.

Next thing is that the physics library is out dated and the car physics are too heavy. This also requires a migration to a new version of the physics library we use: Newton Game Dynamics 2.0. Some new features of this library that can come handy in the future is procedural destruction and multi threaded physics calculations which will speed-up things a lot.

As we want to migrate to a new physics engine, we also require some internal changes on the vehicles code.  In this case we require a rewrite of the vehicle physics and vehicle system. For the eye it should remain the same, but the code should be more efficient and creation of vehicles more flexible.

Stay tuned!

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