Open Suse 11.2 password annoyance

Long time no blog, so here it goes. This has nothing to do with games.

I was installing Open Suse 11.2 and as expected I needed to enter a password. So I enter a simple to remind password as it’s just a virtual machine image that I’m not planning to use for a long period of time. So the password is “1234”. Now the trouble starts. The first question:
– Your password is to short, really use this password? – YES
Second question:
– your password contains only didigts, this is not safe. you really want to use this password. – YES
Third question:
– Your password is shorter that 5 characters, you really want to use this shorter password- YES (GOD DAMNED)!

3 question if I’m really really really sure that I have entered a password that fits my needs. And I entered it twice! One question should be enough I would think.

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