While we are still busy with our next game and engine, I started on terrain rendering.

For now the terrain is brute force rendered, creating a new vertex buffer every frame with no optimizations what so ever. The terrain is infinite, but for now I can only look 200 meters ahead to keep the frame rate up…

Next step is to apply some optimizations so the view distance is 5km+. The technique is still something to dive into and do some experiments.

As for now also we have a basic vegetation engine in place that can place objects (currently a car model from FUR) on the terrain. For now the “cars” are also rendered brute force with frustum culling, we are planning on making some impostor-based approach. Simply said, objects far away, say 100 meters, will be rendered as simple sprites. This reduces render time and thus can we display more tree’s on screen.

Screenshots come soon… stay tuned!

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