Long time no update doesn’t mean we stalled work. We just don’t made any “visual progress”. yet. What kept us busy then?

Well here’s a short list:

  • Multi-threading
    • physics and update functions are run simultaneously.
    • (Still thinking on running update/physics simultaneously with the rendering).
  • Physics
    • (modified version of JigLibX for the ones who are curious).
  • Hierarchical model definition (we just call it model-files)
    • This means we have a file that defines how a 3D model looks like and behaves.
  • Particle engine
    • It works and can be defined in the model-file.

Next phase is “The Game”… what game? Well… we speculated a lot at this point but we don’t want to reveal anything at this time. It could be that we suddenly change our perspective to make something completely different.

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