Me, myself and I

First of all, I’m Michiel Gijbels, 28 years old. There are 2 thing I like in life: first computers and stuff related to it like playing and building games and second stuff that flies or can fly.
My occupation is Application Developer at Nspyre, the Netherlands.

This website is partly my own personal website and a partly our NecroSOFT Team website where we like to show off the things where good at:  making games!

I worked on all games located on this site. Keep your eyes open cause some are released commercially around the world!

NecroSOFT Gaming Team

NecroSOFT itself does not have a pre-fixed team. Well, I can say that the team consists of 3 people: Me, Zhooibaal and Mad Woody. Sometimes some other people join to help out, but most of the things are made by us three.

NecroSOFT is an indie developer and intention is to make full working games. If you have questions or things you want to say to us, please feel free and fill out the contact form on this website!

We are currently in the search for graphics (2D/3D) content designers for games. The only thing we expect from you is that you like playing and creating games! If you think you can help us, please fill out the contact form and we will contact you.

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