Uber Zombie

The game


Again, we decided to create a game in little time. This time in 48 hours instead of 24. The idea we came up was a side scrolling multiplayer zombie shooter.
The controls are:
Player 1: Arrow keys for movement, space for shooting
Player 2: Joystick (or gamepad) 1
Player 3: Joystick (or gamepad) 2

We didn’t had the time to make a key binder, so please forgive us and go shoot some zombies!!



Uber Zombie can be found here (12.88 MB).

Gameplay movie

Here you can find a gameplay move we created near the end of the 48 hours. Here is seen the 3 players vs 500 zombies.

And finally I still have a little movie that shows the alpha preview:




Jens “DooM” Waschk

Michiel “NecroDOME” Gijbels
Frank “Mad Woody” van Gent

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