.S.C.A.G.: Full Version!

The Game

.S.C.A.G. that stand for SCrolling Action Game is released by Z0r Games. The action from the first version of .S.C.A.G. has changed into more and more action! A lot new levels and weapons are included in this version as well as some new enemies that join the fight.

The story guides you trough 4 episodes, divided in 3 levels each with a boss on the end. As finishing touch a bonus level is included that features all bosses and enemies in one level!


.S.C.A.G was first made for the Pascal Game Development compo “The Big Boss”. Some info and a download-able version we created for the compo can be found here. This game is powered by our Necro3D game engine.

Download Full Version!

.S.C.A.G. demo can be found here (21 MB)

Official .S.C.A.G. demo can be found at z0r games.

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Full play-trough


Promo movie

Gameplay movie

Bug bugs bugs, I added 2 movies that shows some cool (buggy) effects while I was testing


Programming and game design by
Michiel “Necrodome” Gijbels
Frank “Mad Woody” van Gent
Special thanks
Pascal game development
Jens “Zhooibaal” Waschk

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