Uber Fighter

The game

About a month ago Jens “Zhooibaal” came up with the idea to create a simple game from scratch within 24 (thats why its called 24) hours. Tell you what, today is the big day. The kickoff was Thursday August 11 2006

The team consist of 3 people:
Michiel (NecroDOME) Gijbels
Frank (Mad Woody) van Gent
Jens (Zhooibaal) Waschk

We have decided on the following:
2D side scrolling beat ‘em up
We will be the characters
Animation will be stop-motion
There will be a bonus character
All graphics will be photos
A portrait of the characters will be displayed in the top of the screen

PLayer 1
High Kick – Home
Low Kick – End
High Punch – Insert
LowPunch – Delete
Left – Numpad-4
Right – Numpad-6
Jump – Numpad-8

Player 2
High Kick – W
Low Kick – S
High Punch – Q
LowPunch – A
Left – H
Right – F
Jump – T

Selecting a fighter:
Select player 1, then press SELECT, then select player 2 and press select again to play!


Uber Fighter can be found here (13.94 MB)



11:11 AM – (GMT+1) Start!
11:28 AM – We decided to make fighting game like Mortal Combat
12:31 AM – Lunch time
12:51 AM – progress so far: I’m currently building an animation studio for our fighting game, Mad Woody is building the engine and Zhooibaal is creating textures (pictures)
5:40 PM – I almost finished the animation studio with creates images with a mask. This is used for transparacy in the models. For the backgtound we have a scrolling background so far. We currently working on the fighters and animation. We also have a lego man as fighter to test Smile , this will be some kind of boss. the rest of the fighters would be …. us
6:13 PM – A link to jens’ blog (Zhooibaal).
6:52 PM – Diner time
10:30 PM – Still programming and designing. Game is getting some shape …And we found some…. BEER
1:27 AM – First screenies
3:12 AM – we are still awake
4:51 AM – We have sounds Very Happy , 2 fighters.
7:01 AM – still alive… We have almost the healthbar working. Currenly we are working on a avatar next to the healthbar. Also we have almost 3 fighters. The game plays kind af crappy… but who cares…
7:58 AM – New screenshots
8:46 AM – More screenies
10:30 AM – Again a screenshot
11:06 AM – DONE!!!
11:19 AM – …MUST… SPEEEP…..


Jens “DooM”
Tha idea

Michiel “NecroDOME” Gijbels
Frank “Mad Woody” van Gent

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