Pacific Liberation Force: Commercial game

Pacific Liberation Force CoverPacific Liberation Force, not a game made by NecroSOFT, but I worked on it together with Mad Woody while we were trainees at Team 6 Game Studios. This game is also know under the name Helicopter Strike Force.

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The Game

The goal of the game is to catch ‘El Presidente’ and eventually destroy him in his huge hind heli. All this is combined with cute scenes that tell the story.

Before you can reach ‘El Presidente’ you have to fight your way way behind enemy lines. You’ll be conducting aerial warfare versus fast and trigger happy enemies. Your adversaries will range from simple foot-soldiers to heavily armed tanks and from fighter jets to huge aircraft carriers! And this all your well armed Apache Attack Helicopter.

You’ll have to push your heli’s to the limit if you want to stand a chance! During the action packed missions you will have to protect and destroy objectives. Beware when you open fire because everything you see can be blown up, including whole villages you often have to defend.

This game is also released for the Nintendo Wii.

My name in the credits :)

Our names are present in the credits 🙂


  • 18 single player missions with a storyline
  • Destructable environment
  • Multi player via LAN and Internet



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