Uber Schraal

The game

Uber Schraal is has been made upon the PGD entry for the Multiplexity compo that was never finished! The goal is to shoot down enemy the enemy air crafts but as this is very hard, it’s better to just not getting killed. We had big plans for this game, but since we made a whole new engine (Hell Tech) it was never really finished.

We created this game again for a competition at Ouline. As there where a lot of Atari freaks the knew each other and we where the newbies, we made it the the 3rd place out of 4. Hey, it’s at least not the last place in a community full of friends politics, but we surely hade some good reactions on the game!!

The controls are:
Arrow keys for movement, space for shooting, W accelerate A,D yaw
Actually its very hard to shoot the enemies, so consider it as a interactive demo.


Uber Schraal can be found here (36.82 MB)





Michiel “NecroDOME” Gijbels
Frank “Mad Woody” van Gent
Programming and design

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