Procedural city revisited

Just messing around and made a nice screenshot. Currently we have the plan to extend the procedural city generated sky scrapers and a better street network generator. For now we are stuck with some simple quads that are filled in with buildings. Maybe in the future we will also include a terrain engine so we can generate a world with one click of the mouse…


Car damage

A year ago I was experimenting with damage on our car models. We managed to create a fairly simple way to damage our cars by defining 4 points on the front left, front right, rear left and rear right, that represent the damage on the car. When a car get damage at one of the points, we increase the radius and therefore the damage. Within this radius we calculate a sin/cos on the XYZ to represent dents and pull every vertex a bit toward the inside of car. This is fairly simple and can easily be implemented on the GPU as we did. Also because we have the radius, we can simply add an damage texture.

In the screenshot you can see the damage done to the Blastback of our game FUR. The damage is in the front right corner of the car, closest to the camera.

MD5 model support

For the need of animated 3D models we implemented MD5 model support, introduced in idTech 4 (aka Doom 3 engine). This model format is supported in some 3D modelling and animation tools, so it would be a nice choice. There are disadvantages as that the MD5 models and animations are design to be computed on the CPU in stead of the GPU. This will not stop us as this is the first animated model file format that we will support. In the future we may use more formats, but for now it will suffice.

For now we have the Cyberdemon from Doom 3 as test subject and none where harmed during testing…



This website has been gone offline and online a few times in the last couple of week. That’s because it was hacked by some idiots that thought it would be fun to hack websites.

They probably did it by script, so a personal massage would be useless, but anyway: Stop hacking our site you stupid fucks!!


Arcade Cabinet

In 2009 we finished the game FUR, Fast Uber Racer, for the Pascal Game Programming competition Arcadia. This game was supposed to run on an arcade cabinet. Back then we had some plans to build ourself an arcade cabinet, but the lack of space we never started. Now that I had some space I decided to make my own arcade cabinet. It’s not only to run FUR, but also to run other games like Uber Zombie and MAME.

So I started out with a piece of wood and cut out the basic shape of the cabinet and screw and glue it all together. The fairly simple design and good power tools made this an easy job. I’m not going into the build details as the pictures are pretty clear I guess and there are lots of build tutorials out on the intertubes.

For the some technical details on the hardware use for the control panel:

  • Cabinet size: 180 cm in length, 64 in width (control panel is 70) and ~64 cm in depth.
  • 2 joysticks
  • Total of 18 buttons, 8 for each player and 2 on the side for pinball games
  • Coin mech that only accepts 1-euro coins
  • i-pac to use control panel as regular pc-keyboard
  • Front-end: Hyperspin
  • PC is running windows Vista

Further more I still need to order a new screen for the cabinet as this screen is somewhat small for this huge cabinet.