Artificial Intelligence

Driving a computer controlled car around the track.

Last few day I worked on the vehicle AI.¬† To get the AI working I did 2 thing: created AI itself and scattered “control points” around the track so the AI knows where it needs to go.

The AI is very limited, but works well. The only thing it does is follow the track, brake a little in tight corners and goes full speed on the straight roads. As it is not very thoughtful and always brakes too late, it often crashes into the walls. To compensate this, the AI has the ability to drive backwards and steer a random direction for a short period of time. Most of the time this is enough  to follow the track again. Also vehicles are not aware of each other or objects/walls on and around the track.

I made a movie that I put on YouTube to show what the AI does certain situations. The movie shows only AI, no input is given by a human being. I also enabled the lights on the car for a more visual-appealing look.

ps. 1: Sorry for the choppy frame rate, I think my hard disk is fragmented.
ps. 2: The white dots are the places where lights are located.

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